Pleasure in Discourse
he hugged her gently. Enfolding his arms around her and drawing her into the close and passionate embrace of a new lover; mixed with the intimate and love of a long time friend.

            She was confused; she had no way to comprehend the situation. She could feel his strong arms surrounding her, his warm body pressed tightly against hers; and the brazing support of his strength against the fast current of the water around them. His phallus no longer moving freely in the water, but became tucked in a tight cocoon of flesh between his body and the front of her legs and crotch. She let out her breath slowly, what else was there to do? The water surging pushed her limp hands at the end of her dangling arms, attached to her relaxed shoulders, supporting her unmoving head, which housed her confused and reeling mind. It coolly streaming past her caught the back of her knuckles lifting them, urging them, so she reached timidly around his back, feeling his sun warmed skin, even hotter now from the slow waist deep drudge up the stream. They stood like that for what seemed like eternity to her, yet it may have only been a few seconds, the mist over them, and the heavy crashing of the water behind them, and the thousands of gallons rushing past each minute. 

            She breathed heavily from wonder at the situation. She could not understand how this man came to be naked in the stream with her, how she became enwrapped in his embrace, and how her arms had gotten around him as they stood locked in place in the fast moving stream. Her thoughts like the stream flowed through her mind quickly, and fleetingly. She could not grasp any specific ideas, or conclusions, but could only render a vague mental image of the scene that was so vividly before her, if only she would open them. Before she could only see the stream surrounding her, but now all which was visible in her mind was this man enveloping her. and she could feel her nipples pressed against his chest. Each exhale, each inhale, slid her nipples and breasts across his smooth skin.

            He said nothing, but she could feel his chin on her shoulder, and his slow and steady breath in her ear. Just as she was about to enquire as to the purpose of his encroachment on her bath, she felt something stir between her legs. It felt as if it were an errant wave at first, which brushed against her crotch; but then she felt it again, warm, and strong push against the inside of the cocoon which they had created. She could feel his phallus stirring between her leg, growing slightly and pressing against the top of her thighs, and the bottom of her labia.


He did not ravage her, nor did he seduce her. But, coming upon her naked in the stream, he approached her. She was so stunned by his sudden apparition that she forgot even to be afraid. He approached slowly, walking upstream, his hands wading in the water, which rose to about his waist. His limp phallus floated gently ahead of him bobbing in the stream like a long pink fish, which was leading him forward, pulling him along as he walked.

            At her back the waterfall gushed, it dropped about 100 yards straight into the cliff behind her. This of course had the effect of making the current quite strong where she was bathing, but also cast a crystalline cascade of mist which enshrouded her naked form, making her look as if she were jeweled when standing in the stream. The mist also cast a rainbow over her which, permeated by the bright midday sunlight added to her beauty, accentuating the curves of her body with

            She was a stunning woman; or what could be seen of her was stunning; as she was also waist deep in the quickly flowing stream. Starting from the waterline she had wide hips, ones that could be found in a caring and loving mother. Her frame was curvy-healthy, from her round hips her soft voluptuous sides moved inward toward a tiny waits, reaching its apex at the height of her bellybutton. Before her body began to widen out again, supporting her nurturing and ripe breasts, which were proportionate to her hips. She had a thin neck, and long limbs with tan skin, well adapted to her daily ritual of bathing in the stream.

            He had approached significantly closer by now. She could see that the pink minnow which had once been floating ahead of the man, leading him towards her; was actually of quite a substantial size, even though it was still flaccid and being moved around gently as he walked upstream.

            She came to the realization now that he was quite close, and a wealth of emotion erupted from her body. She became aware of his eyes on her, and the heavy mist caressing her breasts, beading, and slipping over her large and puffy nipples. Dripping down into the water below her. She could feel the fast strong water slipping around her, and the emptiness of the forest and stream that enshrouded her. She began to inhale just as he was upon her; about to scream out for help, in fear, for something. He reached out his arms for her, and just as she was about to burst forth a piercing cry...