Pleasure in Discourse
I was at my local and most favorite used bookstore the other day and I found this book by Rachel Swift.  You might be wondering why this isn't in the "Erotic Book Reviews" section, that is an understandable thing to wonder.  I will explain.  I consider this to be more than a book review; I consider this to be a personal journey.  For your amusement/pleasure, I will be sharing the steps with you periodically in my blog.  Currently, I am about halfway through the book.  I plan on reading it through once, before following its suggestions and beginning the plan outlined. It should be somewhere between amusing to exceptionally useful for me, and might be highly erotic for you.  If you are interested in joining me, that would be most wonderful.  Of course, some of this will be more appropriate in the "M-R, and Ongoing Dialogue" section; I will warn you of that.  The things primarily concerning me, will be here.

I want you;
I want to touch you,
               feel you:
Skin over stomach:  sheltering and soft
Up over ribs-- stretched taught and
warm.  Generous.  And alive against my hand.
Oh, how
 I want you.

I want to take you-- hard and proud--
           to put you in a warm, wet place

curved lips over teeth
tongue flicking down
with slight pulsing
            (and suction)
and suction, to sudden engulfing,
to working slowly back up;
to lips holding firm--

Stopping at the top.
            working slow circles
and a plunge
        not deep but satisfying:
                   hand working up, mouth working down,
                   coming together with practiced unity

then no hand.  Just warmth (pleasure), farther, deeper;
stopping briefly to slide and tease one
          place and then another, farther, closer
                       to the base
          sliding a little faster. And then encompassing:  two
times, three times.  And then release.

Slowly working my way back up:  trying not to let the feeling fade--
I like to feel that delicate manifestation of strength within.

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