Pleasure in Discourse
“I said suck me you little slut”


She had been attempting to do this for the last couple minutes. Attempting I say because due to the bondage I had put her in. She was almost incapable of performing this servitude well. Her response to my demand was something along the lines of.




Only imagine it sloppier, wetter. And with a suffusion of flesh muffled moans. God she was beautiful. Her breasts were bound with hemp, a course braid of rope that dug small slivers of the thread around the base of the flesh of her breasts. The rope was looped around twice tight. Cutting circulation. And turning her normally beautiful, voluptuous, and warm breasts into tightly engorged mounds of sensitive skin. Their slightly bluish tinge almost made them look, as they would have appeared in the moonlight; and not in the halogen surgical luminance of my dungeon. Her nipples were icily erect. As if the pressure from her now, over sensitive breasts were forcing them out of her aureole; but I knew this was not the case. She was loving her predicament. Loving suffocating herself on my cock as I watched her struggle. Loving failing miserably, knowing I would soon punish her if she continued to fail in pleasuring me.

To give some account of her predicament, she was on her knees. Her hands had been tied behind her back at the wrists. In the cross over fashion of servitude. I had also wound a long strand of soft but strong rope around her right ankle, pulling it tight against her right ass cheek and thigh, then wound the rest of the rope around her upper leg, so her foot was pinned behind her, and she could only walk on her knees. If she even managed to maintain her balance like that without the use of her hands. I did the same to her left leg. This accomplished the job beautifully of leaving her crippled on the bed; able to move, but only through extreme struggling and never very stably, especially because she had to crawl. The only way to manage that was to slink forward. Walking on her knees, digging them into whatever hard, soft, or pokey surface she was on. And alternately pivoting on her shoulders to move her upper body. Or crawling using her head. Each of which, just left her breasts to drag along the ground. Unable to pick them up from the hard stone if she wanted to move, if she wanted to please me. And she wanted to please me. She knew that I would be making her situation much worse if she could not pleasure my each whim. I like this tie specifically because it also allows her to spread her legs. Which is all she will be eventually, both to me, and to her self. Two holes. Receiving both pain and pleasure.       

This had all been done on a low plush bed I keep in one corner. About a foot and half above the floor. Its waterproof leather sheets work well to prepare tied subs; as well as for some particularly messy types of play. It also works well because I am able to stand over my sub as I tie them. After I completed my ties, and found everything to be sufficiently tight, I walked away from her. And sat comfortably on the floor about five feet away. Watching her naked, struggling slightly against her ropes, but knowing she could never get herself free. She had a beautiful body. Average height, but well built hips, and a thin waist. Her breasts, perky handfuls of warm flesh begged to be touched. Her vagina was an always tight pond, with a small thicket for reeds at the top, and suffused liquid from between its tan, and flowing lips at a torrential rate. I liked her.

            And as I sat with my clothes on, and my legs spread out in front of me, my arms and hands supporting me from behind, I caught her eye and smiled. She looked frightened. And I beckoned her to me...

Whips and chains, handcuffs,
My pleasure is your request
Enjoy my distress


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